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Here at Sampson Physiotherapy we have nigh on 20 years experience in orthotic/ insole prescription and foot biomechanics. These are devices to assist in correction of such conditions as pronation, bunions, flat feet, foot pain, back pain and sports injuries.

It is a fascinating area and Orlagh Sampson is member of the Foot and Ankle Association in Ireland and the UK.

We see all ages of patients from toddlers to Grand-parents and everything in between.

We do not believe in putting a device in everyone’s shoes at such expense like some of our competitors!

We use our clinical judgement and our experience, after all have you every seen Usain Bolt’s feet! They seem to work just fine for him. There are many variations of normal and we are trained in deciding which foot is clinically significant to require a device and which one isn’t and not all people need full orthotics some might suit an off the shelf device which we supply also.

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