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We are what we do at Physiofitness.  Whether we’re training hard or just having fun, movement is always a part of our lives. Here are a few of our favorite go-to exercises with you. Check them out to spice up your workouts!

1. Dead Lifts

With this classic move, you get a great return for a small effort. Therapist and runner Will Drew loves how it works the hamstrings, butt, shoulders and back.

2. Hip Flexor Stretch

Owner and surfer Chris Delehanty favors this quick and easy stretch to release those perennially tight hip flexors. In a half-kneel position, tighten the glute on the side where the leg is behind you. You should feel the stretch from your knee to butt. Hold for a few seconds. No matter if you have a desk job or you’re on your feet all day, hip flexors get tight.

3. Squats

Trainer and soccer ace Dariusz Stankiewicz relies on this simple do-it-anywhere move that has far-reaching benefits. A total lower body workout – including toning legs and strengthening core – it also aids digestion and increases flexibility.

4. Sun Salutation

For trainer and yoga teacher Haley Jo Harrison, this move combines fluidity of motion with spirituality. This multi-step routine helps her focus on breath as well as proper alignment.

5. Bear Crawl

To work his core and legs, therapist and softball player Brian Goonan practices the bear crawl (different from a beer crawl). Take a table position. On your hands and toes, crawl forward and then backwards. To do it right, you’ll have to engage your core fully.

6. Kettlebell Swing

Therapist Shawn Monahan is a fan. In just one motion the swing helps build strength and stability while working the entire body. The efficiency and power of this single move makes it a standard part of his gym routine.